Relationships between Twilight cast

In the last months all that I heard about Twilight was who is with who.
I readed in magazines or on the internet that Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are togheter, because she breaked up with her ex-boyfriend and now hangs out with Robert Pattinson, and that is not all, rumours said that they got engaged and she is pregnant. But also I readed that she flirts with Taylor Lautner too, and lately Robert is very gelous because of that. So we will never know… Just if one of them will tell us.

Ashley Greene seemes that she was flirting with Robert Pattinson too, Kellan Lutz and Jackson Rathbone, this is what magazines are saying.

So it seemes that we will never know… But if we care about them so much I don’t know why we hunt them like that. I understand that maybe a lot of people will buy magazines if on their covers is one of Twilight actors, but maybe nothing written there is all true. So let’s watch more video interviews to find out the real truth and if they want to hide their personal life is their right.


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