Happy New Year 2010

Even if is not in all the world 2010, I want to wish you all a Happy New Year!


Robert Pattinson’s Holidays in England

They found him there too… I think he is hunted… And that is not a good thing. When the paparazzi found out about that they had to take pictures too… OMG! He has a prvate life too… Leave him alone!!!

I will put just one photo here…

Happy Holidays, Rob!

Ashley Greene and Robert Pattinson In Interview Magazine’s 20 Most Beautiful People Of The DECADE

With five films scheduled to come out in the next year, it’s safe to say that Ashley Greene is riding the momentum from the absurd Twilight wave. The young vampire with the psychic abilities—she also has the power to make girls literally break down in tears in public. But how far into her own future can she see? From where we’re standing, the near-future, at least, looks promising.

ASHLEY GREENE: “I grew up in a house that would be perfect to set a horror movie in. It was out in the country, right on the water. I’m glad I never got to see scary movies when I was young. Otherwise I would have imagined things coming out of the lake.

A bit of Brando, a twinge of Dean, the Twilight star possesses that slightly strange alien quality that turns brooding good looks into the iconic. He has just enough edge to make teens and tabloids go into “crazed hunter” mode—have you seen Robsessed?—but also a disarming, slightly crippling self-awareness. It’s early yet for Pattinson, but we’re eagerly awaiting part two of his entertaining saga.

On life before Twilight:

“We spent the better part of a year just getting drunk every night… “I don’t know if that counts as ‘struggling.'”

Informations from Interview Magazine.