Interview with Booboo Stewart, Tyson Houseman & Jodelle Ferland

If you’re a girl (or a girl at heart), you probably can’t wait to see the movie “Eclipse.” And if you’re a straight guy, you probably would rather have your canine teeth removed without Novocaine than get dragged to the third installment of the dreamy, swoony, yearning, star-crossed vampire-human love story.

But good news, men. Three junior cast members from the latest film in the “Twilight” series, out June 30, promise “Eclipse” is bursting with action between the pale, romantic vampires and their enemies, the astonishing six-packs — er, wolfpack.

Weighing in are:

  • Jodelle Ferland, 15, who plays newbie vampire Bree Tanner.
  • Tyson Houseman, 20, who portrays shape-shifting wolfpack member Quil Ateara.
  • BooBoo Stewart, 16, as Seth Clearwater, another wolfpacker. (His mom gave him the childhood nickname BooBoo, and it stuck. “People remember it,” he said.)

We asked some members of the “Twilight” target audience to come up with questions for the trio. Our panelists were eighth graders Claire, Mairead and Nicole, and sixth grader Isabelle.

Q. Jodelle, tell us about Stephenie Meyer’s new book about your character, The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner, coming out Saturday.
JODELLE: I had read the book before I started filming “Eclipse” so that I could understand Bree better and what she went through before she came to what she was in Eclipse. … It’s her back story, so you’ll find out about her, but I can’t tell you much.

Q. Is it true you had to read it under really tight security?
JODELLE: I read it and there’s somebody watching me. It’s not that they don’t trust me, but they just want to, you know, take all the precautions they can. … After I read it, we were supposed to get rid of it, and we didn’t really know how to do that. [We] put it in a bucket. We threw a match in and we burnt it, and then we took a video and a picture and we sent it to Stephenie Meyer. It was so funny.

Q. You’re a new addition to the franchise. How did Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, Taylor Lautner and the others actors welcome you?
JODELLE: It’s always the little things that count, like saying “hi” to me, or saying “Oh, come sit over here, you look lonely.” You know, all those little things that I really appreciated because it made me feel more welcome. … They’re all really nice people.

Q. What’s the fan pressure like for Robert, Kristen and Taylor?
TYSON:You get fan encounters of the craziest kind, but it’s still, they are what drives this whole series, and they are what makes “Twilight” what it is, so it’s really cool to have that at the same time.

Q. BooBoo, what happened when you were punched at a fan event in Vancouver?
BOOBOO: It was messed up. One, another kid on a dare decided to hit me. I wasn’t hurt but … he was held until the police came. Then I went back, and [continued] greeting the fans.

Q. What’s really cool about “Eclipse”?
TYSON: There’s going to be a lot more action. … There’s a very climactic fight scene. There’s an entire war at the end of the movie, and I think it’s going to be a lot more guy-friendly.

Q. So guys will want to come with their girlfriends?
TYSON: Definitely. … Another thing that’s really, really cool … you get a lot of really cool background stories, like with the Quileutes [the wolfpack’s Native American tribe]. And with the other vampires, too, like, you get to learn about the history, about who they are.

Q. For “Eclipse,” Bryce Dallas Howard replaces Rachelle Lefevre as the vengeance-seeking vampire Victoria. What can you tell us about her?
TYSON: She does a great portrayal of the character. I accidentally walked into her on set one day, and it terrified me. I walked around the corner and there she was, and she was in full make-up and everything, and I got so scared. … She was really, really intense.”

Q. Have you read the whole Twilight series?
JODELLE: I’ve read all four of the books, and I absolutely love them. I really, really like Stephenie’s writing.

TYSON: I read them all after I got the part.

BOOBOO: I thought I might get an audition for the film, so I started reading the books. … I wanted to go in extremely prepared, you know?

Q. And what’s on your iPods right now?

JODELLE: My favorite singer is Jason Mraz. … I went into a poster store, and they asked me what band he was in. So yeah, I wasn’t very happy about that. … Plain White T’s … Carrie Underwood. Sometimes I’m in the mood for country; sometimes more upbeat kind of music. It really depends what kind of mood I’m in. I also love Lights. I really like her music. It’s calming, just like Jason Mraz.

TYSON: Right now I guess my favorite bands would be bands like Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros. I’ve been listening to them a lot lately. Grizzly Bear, Broken Social Scene, Metric, bands like that.

BOOBOO: The last thing I downloaded on my iPod was some Motley Crue. I listen to Rush, August Burns Red and ELO.

Q. The wolfpack is all about the abs. How did you prepare for the film?
TYSON: I think I gained about 20 or 25 pounds of muscle. … I’ve definitely filled into my wolf physique. … We had to go through the workouts together. It was a really great way for all of us to, you know, bond together. … If we were doing push-ups, then it was always a race to see who could do the most push-ups against each other.

BOOBOO: My mom actually trained me. She trained me at the gym. She’s really tough. She’s a personal trainer and she’s a Pro Fitness competitor, so she kicked my butt. … I put on about 10, 15 pounds.

Q. BooBoo, some people say you are a mini-Taylor Lautner. How do you take that?
BOOBOO: He’s doing so well in his career, and I think it’s just awesome.

Q. Did you bond more with the vampire actors than other members of the wolfpack, because your character is the most friendly toward them?
BOOBOO: I spent most of my time at craft service eating M&Ms. I bonded with M&Ms.

Source: SunTimes via EclipseMovie


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