Jensen Ackles Married

Well… he got married too 😦 On 15th May was his wedding. Well that’s it… Happy marriage to the cute couple! Check out some photos bellow 🙂

Picture Source: FanPix


6 thoughts on “Jensen Ackles Married

  1. well thats ok ill just snatch him in heaven wahaha. n oh well the barbie n ken got married, hmm. at least youll still be mine jensen in my dreams. =p

  2. well my acting isnt high enough yet to be on a set with you but one day its going to be up there. there is plenty of movies to audtion for ill just have my agent post the auditions to upcoming movies for this summer or year and if your in one. im going down to the producers to talk to them. im gonna win you either way ive already chatted with you before and done a lil share of flirting. and you didnt seem to mind that. so who is to say your not a lady man underneath that ball of chain of you got there. well xoxo gossip girl

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