Jamie Campbell Bower and Xavier Samuel Play Togheter in the Movie “Anonymous”

Australian actor Xavier Samuel, whose career has suddenly skyrocketed after playing the role of Riley in the Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, has booked his latest role in a political thriller from writer John Orloff.

Xavier will portray the character Earl of Southhampton in a story that exams the truth behind those famous penned William Shakespeare plays and the downfall of Queen Elizabeth I. Recently speaking out about his role in the drama:

“It’s about the authorship of Shakespeare’s plays, but also perhaps even more so about the relationship between art and politics and how they can impact each other. I got to play this guy called the Earl of Southampton, a really honorable, loyal young man who’s a patron of the theater that ends up, because of his loyalties to the Earl of Essex, staging a rebellion. It’s kind of cool to go from an evil vampire to an Elizabethan aristocrat.”

Also set to appear with Xavier Samuel In Anonymous is actors Jamie Campbell Bower, who is also of Twilight saga fame…

Source: Twilightish


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