Kristen Prout about Eclipse, Jackson Rathbone and more

She may have had a small part in the latest installment of the Twilight series, Twilight: Eclipse, but she has already generated a lot of buzz among the “Twi-hards.” Kirsten Prout is gradually climbing the charts as she is set to release two new films including My Super Psycho Sweet 16: Part 2.

INSPIRE: You’ve been in numerous television series (including Kyle XY) already. How was it different stepping into a movie (Eclipse), especially one so popular worldwide?
KIRSTEN: It was definitely intimidating stepping onto a set with an established cast, all of whom are tremendously talented. On our show (Kyle XY) we had such a dynamic, so I knew what I was in for as the new kid. That being said, everyone was so welcoming and it was an absolute pleasure working on Eclipse.

I: Did you have to contemplate on the idea of being in the third installment of the series? Have you read the books?
K: To be completely honest, I wasn’t used to the idea of such a small character, but when I saw that it was for Eclipse, I realized it was such a tremendous opportunity and just being involved is enough. It has really opened doors for me and I am so grateful for the experience.

I: Although your role was brief, you were able to meet Jackson Rathbone. How was your first encounter of him like?
K: He was so wonderful, an absolute southern gentleman. Sitting down at lunch alone, my first day meeting anyone, I was thrilled when he just plopped down next to me and spent the afternoon getting to know me. He’s so talented, and such a dedicated artist. Jackson is an extremely friendly and authentic person.

I: Were expectations met when filming among the “Twilight” cast and crew? Did you meet all the cast members?
K: I didn’t have a lot of expectations other than the cast being extremely closed off and the set absolutely swamped with paparazzi. In terms of the cast, I was completely wrong. They are such wonderful inclusive people. When it comes to paparazzi, nothing prepares you for being hunted by cameras. Definitely a strange feeling.

I: Was there anything new you learned about some people you didn’t know of before? (Regarding cast members of Eclipse)
K: Jackson’s passion for music came as a real surprise. I knew he was in a band, but hearing him talk about his background, schooling, and absolute dedication was so refreshing.

I: Among all projects you’ve worked on – which has been the most memorable and fulfilling?
K: To be completely honest, Elektra was something I will always be grateful for. Jennifer [Garner] made the experience unforgettable, the stunt training was unbelievable, and my directors, producers, and crew were so supportive. I think the aftermath of Twilight has also been an eye opener in terms of figuring out the dynamics of this industry.

I: Now, you’re getting a lot of buzz because of Eclipse. Are you ready to take on more the attention you’ll be receiving throughout this year?
K: Absolutely. I have been in this industry since I was ten years old and I have had more than enough time to prepare for anything that comes my way. I love what I do and I will always be excited to take on new projects.

I: You’re in a new, currently untitled MTV movie, the sequel to “My Super Sweet 16.” Could you tell us about the plot is and who you play?
K: I am so excited about the film and am currently shooting in Atlanta. It’s the sequel to the slasher thriller My Super Psycho Sweet 16, and I definitely get to delve into a darker character, Alex Bell. All I can say is that if there is a third film, my character hands will get increasingly bloody. It’s such a tremendously talented cast, and to have a lead role that is so wonderfully written really gives me something to sink my teeth into. I love working for MTV, Jacob Gentry is such a talented director, and I sincerely believe that this film is going to make audiences fall in love with its characters as much as it did last October!

I: What kind of message will the movie convey to its potential audiences?
K: My character is extremely fragile. She’s someone who has grown up without friends, never being able to find a place where she’s comfortable. When Skye, my half sister, joins our family, she thinks she has finally found someone to relate to. But when Alex is met with a horrific tragedy, her precarious mental state is threatened to the absolute breaking point.

I: How do you think viewers will react to the film?
K: I know they will fall in love will all of the original characters all over again, and hope that this film will be met with the same enthusiasm. It’s dramatic, the deaths are just as creative as in the first movie if not more shocking, and it definitely has the right dash of playfulness to make it an absolutely wonderful viewing experience. Think Final Destination with an indie heart.

I: Hollywood is a complicated industry. What do you enjoy about being a part of it and what do you dislike about it?
K: This industry is not fair. Period. It never has been, and never will be. I know so many actors who are tremendously talented that have never seen the success as people with half their potential. It really takes an infinite well of hope, determination, and optimism that’s definitely hard to maintain. Sometimes you watch people around you get that fluke role that skyrockets them. All I try to remember is everyone’s journey is different, and I fight the fight to do what I love. Staying true to yourself and your own craft is the most important part.

I: What are some obstacles you’ve faced in this business?
K: It’s definitely a different experience as a child. I was viciously bullied in high school for having an unconventional life. I think it’s very easy to grow up fast, but luckily my family supported me enough to make me realize that if you love what you do, nothing else matters.

I: What do you hope for yourself in the future? Who would you care to work with?
K: Everyone gives the conventional answer of working with the greats. I really crave experiences that are intensive and challenging. I’m always hope for strong scripts that allow you to submerge yourself in the journey. I look for great characters and love working with actors who are present – Viggo Mortensen would be a dream to work with.

I: As a working actress, is it difficult to maintain a low-profile personal life?
K: I think that if you are selective about the company you keep and respectful to others, it’s easier to just live like a normal nineteen year old. Crazy behavior attracts crazy rumors. Just having fun and not going overboard with people you love and trust is attainable if you go about things the right way. Look at Natalie Portman. She has been quoted saying that she lived a normal life due to the kinds of people who surrounded her and supported her.

I: What made you want to leap into entertainment? What stimulated your love for this career?
K: I think my imagination was cultivated in loneliness. I didn’t have many friends and escaped on movie sets. I am the most comfortable while working, I love having a relationship with the characters I play.

Source: Inspire Magazine


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