Lee Pace in “Breaking Dawn”?

Eclipse is still in theaters, but rumors are already swirling about potential casting for Breaking Dawn.

On Tuesday, Lee Pace entered the discussion.

An E! Online report claims the former “Pushing Daisies” star is “thisclose” to being cast as a vampire in Breaking Dawn. Specifically, Pace would play Edward Cullen’s pal Garrett, who has “a lightness and element of humor about him.”

“Lee is the top person in the running to play Garrett,” E! quotes a source as saying.

Gossip Cop suspected it was premature to call Pace — or anyone else — “thisclose” to the role, and it looks like we were right.

A production source tells Gossip Cop no one has been cast, and a rep for Pace informs us the actor has not been approached.

So while it’s certainly possible that Pace tops a current wish list for producers, Summit, or director Bill Condon — much like Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s loose “connection” to Batman 3 — Pace’s casting shouldn’t be considered imminent.

Source: Gossip Cop


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