Michael Welch, Chris Marquette reunite with Joe Mantegna on Criminal Minds

Actor Michael Welch has wowed audiences around the world as the hapless human Mike Newton in all three films in The Twilight Saga — Twilight and The Twilight Saga: New Moon, two of the most successful motion pictures of all time, and now in The Twilight Saga: Eclipse. That film is currently on track to surpass both of its blockbuster predecessors, having taken in over $600 million globally after only 28 days.

While the 23-year-old has certainly had quite a long and distinguished career on the big screen — working on 25 feature films since the age of 10 — he has also appeared in over 90 individual television episodes, either as guest spots or as a series regular.

Welch came to prominence as uber-nerd Luke Girardi on two seasons of Joan of Arcadia, in which he co-starred with the masterful Joe Mantegna in 45 episodes from 2003-2005.

Now he reunites with Mantegna (Special Agent David Rossi) on a new episode of Criminal Minds. The show, titled JJ, will air on September 29th on the CBS network. Joan of Arcadia alum Chris Marquette, who’s worked with Welch several times since then (Choose Connor, Remember the Daze), will also be appearing on the episode.

The series has been in the Nielsen Top 20 for the past two seasons and is on the DVR Top 10. Criminal Minds is produced by The Mark Gordon Company and CBS Television Studios.

Source: ProNetworks


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