Drew Roy Could Play in “Breaking Dawn”

It’s not every day you hear about someone from Hannah Montana being cast in Breaking Dawn.

But that’s what happened recently when reports surfaced that Drew Roy, who plays Hannah’s love interest Jesse on the Disney Channel series, was likely to be playing South American vampire-human hybrid Nahuel in B.D.

Any truth to it? Here’s what Roy just told us…

“I am as surprised as you are on that one,” the 24-year-old Alabama native says. “I got a call from my dad the other day and he was like, ‘Oh, whoa son! You didn’t tell us that you were up for a film?’ I was like, ‘I didn’t know either.’ So yeah, it’s just a full-blown rumor.”

Needless to say, Roy probably wouldn’t pass up the opportunity to join the vampire franchise, but it’s not like he’s having trouble getting work these days. He can be seen opposite Diane Lane in Secretariat (in theaters today) and is currently in Toronto shooting TNT’s upcoming alien-invasion series, Falling Skies.

It’s produced by Steven Spielberg. “When Spielberg showed up on set, we were talking at one point and he was telling me about a horse race, and I was sitting there thinking, Man, I wish I knew at least one thing about horses,” Roy remembers. “But then right after that I booked Secretariat, so for our next encounter, hopefully I’ll have more to talk about.”

Read more: E!Online


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