Taylor About Lilly Collins

The Twilight stud is supposedly seeing Lily Collins, who coincidentally happens to be his Abduction costar.

Reports have been circulating about the convenient timing of Lautner and Lily’s public lunch debut Wednesday. You know, the same day ex Taylor Swift performed “My December” at the CMA Awards—a song believed to be about Tay-Squared’s presh time together.

So is this all just to get back at boy Taylor’s former flame?

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As if!

There is no bad blood between T & T. In fact, if you ask us people are reading way too much into the song’s lyrics.

Swift has admittedly dished her songs are inspired by her ex boyfriends, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be a smidge exaggerated.

Sure, Tay-Squared’s time came to an end when John Mayer started lurking around, but Lautner was able to bounce back quickly. Young love comes and goes quickly, no?

Lily and Taylor’s flick doesn’t hit theaters until next year, so we’re sure those two won’t split up before then.

Source: E!Online


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