Tinsel Korey Talks Breaking Dawn and Her Music

So how is Breaking Dawn coming along? How was filming this time around?
It was a lot different. It was a much bigger production than the other ones were. The cast was just massive. I think they have like 60 new vampires. So the feeling of a closer production, it didn’t feel that way because it was just so massive. But Bill Condon, the director, is really, really sweet. He takes his time to introduce himself to everybody, get acquainted and get a feel for the scenes and everything like that. So that was a really big delight this time.

What’s it like being one of the only girls around the wolfpack?
They are like my brothers. We’re really like a family. Just from the Twilight conventions and stuff like that, we get to see each other a lot more. Most of the time when you’re filming a movie, it’s kind of like summer camp. You finish it and you’re like, “Yeah, we should keep in touch.” And that never happens. But with this, where we’re constantly doing promotion for the movie and seeing each other and interacting with the fans, we’ve had more of a chance to bond as a family. And I’m kind of like a guy’s girl anyway. I get along better with guys I think than I do with girls. I don’t know. They are like my brothers. They are really cool.

Is it safe to assume that you’re Team Jacob?
I think by Breaking Dawn there are no teams. Bella’s marrying Edward, so I think the team scenarios are gone out the window at this point.

Fair enough. I saw the photos you tweeted during the whole makeup process. Tell me about that.
It’s really claustrophobic. They only have two spaces where your nostrils are so you can breathe. All of a sudden, it gets really really hot. You just have to focus on your breathing. They told me how they’ve had rock stars come in and completely panic because it’s so claustrophobic. But once it comes off, it feels glorious.

Haha. Do you get recognized a lot without the big scar?
Not really. When I have the bangs, I think a little bit more, but we didn’t actually cut them for Breaking Dawn. So I don’t know if people will recognize me more in this movie. But I think the bangs and also the scars….a lot of people when I don’t have the scars are like, “Oh, I didn’t even recognize you.” I don’t think it makes that much of a difference, but apparently it does. Also, I don’t look at people when I’m walking around because it makes me paranoid. So maybe people are recognizing me and I just don’t see it? I don’t get paparazzi following me around.

How is the paparazzi? Is it as bad as they say?
When we’re filming. Everyday life in L.A., I don’t really see them that much unless I’m at an event. But yeah, during filming they’re around. They hide in trees and stuff like that. But the place that we were shooting, I think they thought that we were at a different part of the island because they didn’t find us at all when we were shooting.

That’s good. So what’s it like working with Taylor Lautner?
I don’t get to see Taylor outside filming. You know, he came up and said, “Hi,” and he’s really sweet. Obviously, he has way more fans than any of us. He’s constantly dealing with paparazzi and fans and stuff like that. So he’s kind of separate than the rest of the wolfpack. We don’t get as much attention as he does. It’s just hard for him to go out without getting recognized. We get to hang out a bit during filming, but after that we don’t really get to see him that much. But he’s really nice.

Is it the same way with Rob, Kristen and the rest of the cast of vampires?
I’ve seen Nikki after filming. We had a really good chat. I wanted to hang out with her because I’ve been reading some of her blogs and stuff and she really seems cool. But we started filming Breaking Dawn again, so they’re still busy. Same thing with Taylor. So you don’t really get to hang out as much with them. Plus, none of my scenes are with them as well. So it’s almost like you’re shooting a completely different movie. You have the high school kids. And then the vampires and Volturi. And then us. It’s completely different filming processes.

Do you get typecast a lot?
Not really. I’ve had a pretty big body of work. I think people don’t realize how much you can work before you get something like Twilight, which is when you get thrown in front of people’s faces. I play all different types of roles. I don’t think I’ve been typecast. I think the casting problem that I do have is people don’t know where to put me. Lately, the feedback’s been like, “Love her audition, but she’s not right for this.” What does that mean exactly? I think I’m so specific or they just don’t know what to do with me that someone’s just going to have to write a role for me. That’s sort of the casting dilemma I’ve been put up against.

Do you want to continue with movies or do more TV?
I did both. I don’t think I have a stigma like if you’re a movie actor you cant do television. I would do either, for sure.

Do you watch a lot of TV? What are some of your favorite shows?
If I do, I watch shows on Hulu.com because I can never find the time to watch it when it’s actually on TV. I like Modern Family and Sofia Vergara — she’s so funny and she’s just gorgeous. Gorgeous and funny is a just an awesome combination. And I also just watched Breakout Kings. It just came out on A&E. It’s really, really good. The show is a cop drama, but it’s [about] people that were con artists and they help solve the murders. So you’re getting completely different perspectives. And the casting is fantastic in it. So, that’s like a new show.

Awesome. What else do you do for fun?
Hmm…videogames (laughs), like Super Mario Brothers and Mario Kart and stuff like that. I’m such a cerebral person. I’m always thinking about the world problems that I just need moments to dumb out. So videogames are like my haven.

Now a lot of people don’t know this, but you’re also a musician. Which came first for you — acting or music?
It’s just both, you know? I think I sort of go by that old Hollywood style of entertainment, which is they have to do everything. They’re singers, actors, dancers. I don’t think one came before the other. I think I’m constantly doing both. It’s just sort of like acting has been the foreground for my life. That’s where I made my money, so that has taken the front seat. But I always had music. I still play guitar and piano whenever I’m not filming. So, they’re equal. One’s just sort of in the driver’s seat right now.

So, what’s your songwriting process like?
Some of it comes from characters that I’ve played in different movies and TV shows I’m in. I think about what they’re going through. And then other songs are just about my life. Like “Letter” was cause I found out one of my good friends was going through a domestic violence situation. So it was really hard for me to know she was going through that. I didn’t know. So I wrote the song as almost like a healing process, you know? I don’t think she’s even heard it, but it was sort of going through those feelings. I think anytime I’m sad or whatever, that’s what I put it through. I put it through my music. That’s sort of what inspires that song. Other than movie characters, it’s just everyday life.

Who are some of your favorite musicians? Who inspires you?
My inspirations are Portishead, Sade and Shania Twain.

That’s a pretty big span of genres!
(Laughs). I feel like you can kind of hear it. I think even in a one of my songs, there’s a country twang to it. I love country. I’m huge country fan. I go from listening to like Tim McGraw, to gangster rap to classical music within like an hour span. It’s whatever feeling I’m going through. I don’t think you have to have a type of genre, I think that there’s beauty in all types of music.

Agreed. Now who are you not a big fan of? Who would you love to just disappear from the music industry?
I don’t know. (Laughs). I can’t say because everybody is a fan of somebody. I think a genre I could live without is the complete auto-tuning of music, when it’s completely synthesized and not even with that person anymore. And that’s like a lot of music nowadays. I love the organic sound of music. I like hearing guitar strings and the breath when someone is singing. Music nowadays, everything needs to be perfect, but I think there’s so much beauty in the flaws. I don’t think that’s a bad thing. I like hearing that organicness of it. So yeah, I could do without the whole auto-tuning phenomenon that’s been going on lately.

So…like Rebecca Black?
(Laughs). It’s good that a 13-year-old girl is chasing her dreams. That’s a positive thing.

I’m guessing you like to go to a lot of live shows?
Yeah, whenever I can I’ll go check out live music, for sure.

Would you want to release a full-length album eventually?
Yeah, that’s kind of my goal. I put out “Letter” so I could fund an album. I’m doing it independently and I think a lot of people don’t realize how much it costs to do an album, just paying guitarists, drummers and the editors and everybody. That’s a lot money. So, it’s like, I could go with a record label. I haven’t thought about it. It would help me put out an album sooner, but I also want control over my music. I don’t want someone to just take it and turn it into something that I don’t think it is. So, that’s sort of been a struggle getting those funds and putting that into getting an album done. Of course, I’d love to.

Who is someone you would love to act with and someone you would love to sing with?
I really want to do a duet with Eminem because he seems to like that breathy sound in female vocalists. So I think we could do an awesome song. Acting-wise, I think either of my two favorite actors, which are Ben Kingsley and Gwyneth Paltrow. I’d be happy being in their company. Also, I would love to do a Seth Rogan film. I think he’s so funny. I really want to do more comedy, so I’d be happy to get into that gang. Also because they keep doing movie after movie, once you’re in with that scene, they put you in like five or ten movies, so that would be cool.

Awesome! Thanks so much for talking with me!
Thank you!

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