Happy Saint Andrew’s Day

Today is Saint Andrew’s day. I wish to everyone who has this name or similar to it best wishes and evrything they want from now day on 🙂

Happy Saint Andrew to everyone! 🙂 (Including myself :D)


Mackenzie Foy in Breaking Dawn 1

According to NessieMackenzie.com we won’t wait untill 2012 to see Renesme. Check out the article bellow 🙂

Big news on Breaking Dawn part I & II – Renesmee

It’s been confirmed that we won’t have to wait till 2012 to see Mackenzie Foy on the big screen. She’ll also appear in Breaking Dawn part I in a tiny flashback scene.
Her face will be CGI’d and transferred onto another baby, little girl, teen, and finally a woman to show her growing up really fast. It’ll be a quick scene, and maybe you never realize it’s Mackenzie, but we’ll finally get to see Renesmee!

Also, in Breaking Dawn part II Mackenzie will play a 6 years old girl. Mackenzie is 10 years old now, so Breaking Dawn director (Bill Condon) will work with similar digital effects to the ones used in “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button”. This means we’ll get to see Mackenzie playing a 6 years old Renesmee throughout the whole movie.

Source: Breaking Dawn Movie